Future events

14th and 15th June 2021, M54 technical meeting and tenth General Assembly on-line. Public Final Webinar.

Past events

1st and 2nd December 2020, M48 technical meeting and ninth general assembly meeting in Teams on-line.

16th and 17th June 2020, M42 technical meeting and eighth general assembly meeting in Teams on-line.

We have continued successfully production and testing of prototypes of HVDC cable insulation systems and HVDC capacitors based on the GRIDABLE concept.

4th and 5th February 2020, M36 technical meeting, and seventh general assembly meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, hosted by InnoEXC.

The HVDC capacitors with the innovative compounds developed by the consortium have been produced at full scale for the very first time.

4th and 5th June 2019, M30 technical meeting and the sixth general assembly in University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands.

Ageing test results for capacitor prototypes indicated that GRIDABLE nanofilled film material is durable. The GRIDABLE cable insulation materials have also very good performance. The project group got familiar with the facilities in the material laboratories on University of Twente.

30th and 31st January 2019, M24 technical meeting and the fifth general assembly in Tampere University, Tampere, Finland.

The first tests of the prototype capacitors were successfully completed. The cable insulator tests in relevant environment showed already improved performance over the conventional solution. The work continues!

27th and 28th June 2018, M18 technical meeting, and fourth general assembly meeting in Tervakoski Film, Svit, Slovakia

We had a fruitful M18 review meeting. The prototype components have been prepared and the prototype devices are under preparation. The project group also got familiar with capacitor film manufacturing and analysis in Tervakoski’s facilities.

16th and 17th January 2018, M12 technical meeting, and third general assembly meeting in Nexans, Lyon, France

We have reached the targeted level for the mechanical properties of cable insulator compounds. In addition, the first prototype compounds are ready for capacitor film pilot production.

13th and 14th June 2017, M6 technical meeting, and second general assembly meeting in SO.F.TER. Technology center, Forli, Italy

Technical status of the work packages was presented and discussed. The participants visited also the production facilities of SO.F.TER.

8th and 9th February 2017, Kick-off meeting in VTT, Tampere, Finland

The project was initiated and the work package leaders introduced the work plans for the project in details. The members visited VTT’s plastic processing pilot in Tampere.

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Other news

Development of low cost lithium-ion capacitors

A research published recently on Advanced Energy Materials (5 June 2019) paves the way to a new generation of low-cost capacitors based on lithium ions. The France-German research collaboration has found that using two cheap additives (pirene and Li3PO4) favours the level of efficiency and versatility sought to store more energy. This breakthrough will enable the quick commercialization of new devices that will play a central role in the integration of renewable energy sources, and of the electro-mobility sector.


Australian solar energy plant to power Singapore in few years

A 3800 km long underwater link will connect Singapore with a huge solar energy plant in Northern Australia. The project, called Sun Cable is worth $20 billion and will provide 20% of the island city-state’s electricity needs, replacing its increasingly expensive gas-fired power. The technology development enabling this plan is the high-voltage, direct-current submarine cable, that allows the efficient transmission of electricity over very large distances and between countries. Cross border electricity transport will become highly competitive with the transport of liquid fuels as oil and LNG, with profound implications related to energy production, transport, and distribution.


VTT Blog No electricity without plastic by Mika Paajanen and Satu Pasanen publishes on January 8 2019.

GRIDABLE partners participate in the 2nd IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DIELECTRICS (July 1-5 2018)

GRIDABLE partners from TUT and UBOLOGNA presented GRIDABLE results in the 12th International Conference on the Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials, ICPADM 2018 (May 20-24, 2018) Xi’an, China.

Prof. Gian Carlo Montanari presents GRIDABLE project in INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ELECTRICAL INSULATING MATERIALS, September 11-15, 2017, Toyohashi City, Japan.